We believe our lives will be eternally changed as we spend time in God’s presence.  For this reason, we are committed to the presence of God.  We view worship not as just a concert or a song service, but as a time for us to lay down everything before God's throne.  We see it as a time to focus on Him, to be grateful for all that He has done, and to seek to know His heart for our lives.

As a musician at SCSL you will have the opportunity to grow in your gifts and talents by playing or singing on one of two worship teams. Each week you will receive not only time to rehearse, but also time to gain a deeper understanding of what worship really is (both by practice and instruction). We seek to lead people into God’s presence not just by our vocal and instrumental talents, but by the purity and integrity of our hearts.  Because of this, we are very committed to cultivating hearts that are pleasing to Jesus, the recipient of our worship.

Throughout the year our students have the privilege of leading worship in a number of venues, both locally and on the road. If you have a heart for genuine worship or if you desire to be better equipped to lead worship, SCSL will provide you with the opportunity to use and grow in your God given gifts and be better equipped to lead God's people into His presence.