Why a "School of Leadership?"

South Carolina School of Leadership was birthed out of the discipleship based foundation of Master Commissions. According to statistics, 88% of youth raised in church abandon their faith during college. SCSL provides an environment in which students can pursue God like they have never pursued him before. It allows students the chance to solidify their relationship with the Lord, develop spiritual disciplines necessary for a successful Christian walk, and establish a Biblical worldview.

At SCSL, students have an opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills, confrontational skills, communication skills, and work skills. The character of each student will be refined through their interactions, their responsibilities, and their ministries. As a result, the students end the year with a newfound confidence in the Lord and themselves. Many of them will find the courage to pursue personal dreams and aspirations like never before.

South Carolina School of Leadership also gives students an opportunity to discover the destiny that God has for their lives. We truly believe that destinies are discovered, not decided. During the first few years of college, majors are often changed at least once or twice. Sometimes students never fully realize their life's passion until they graduate from college. As students pursue God at SCSL, it allows God the opportunity to reveal His destiny and dreams to the student. Students are taught spiritual truths and disciplines that well help them to discover their personal, God-given destiny.

In addition, students at SCSL have the opportunity to pursue a degree from Southeastern University during their enrollment. Students enrolled at SEU will earn practicum credit toward their degree for their participation in the ministry tracks offered at SCSL.