As of July 1, 2009, our program officially took on the name "South Carolina School of Leadership." This name better communicates the heart, vision, and direction in which we feel God is leading the program.

Formerly known as South Carolina Master’s Commission, SCSL is committed to building disciples for life and ministry. We believe the name change reflects our purpose and mission. SCSL is a nine month life training program derived from personal discipleship. At SCSL, students are given the distinct advantage of academic excellence paired with hands on leadership and ministry experience, in order to equip the next generation of leaders to be a success in the home, church, and marketplace. College offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree to help them earn a living. The desire of SCSL is to train and equip students with skills to help them lead a life worth living.

It has been our honor to carry the Master's Commission name in previous years and we will continue many of the discipleship aspects upon which it is founded. By offering our program as a school of leadership, our students will directly benefit through being able to work part time jobs to earn money for tuition, spending, or mission trips, while having the opportunity to impact the local church and community. Ministry credentialing and licensing is also available for those who desire full time vocational ministry upon completion of the second year. The ground zero for SCSL is the personal mentorship of the students and academics. The combination of the two make for a life changing journey that no one will ever forget.