Note from Director

My heart bleeds family. Family is the first word that describes SCSL. Josh McDowell once said, “a strong family is the best gift you could give students.” I believe that to be true. It is the desire of our staff to model healthy, strong relationships—starting with our own personal families. SCSL truly has a sense of family. It is a place of covenant and commitment where we strive to maintain unity and oneness. It is a place of refuge where you can experience healing and be lovingly confronted so that you may grow and become more like Christ. 

The ground zero for SCSL is you. That’s right, you. It’s not traveling or doing the work of the ministry or even our strong academics. The first year is focused on you and your personal discipleship. It’s a place for you to learn spiritual and personal disciplines that will change the course of your entire life. The nine months you’ll experience is a season of personal transformation. The change will be astounding and will occur from the inside out.

Some may feel if they don’t go to college immediately following high school they will get behind. I believe that is a myth. Actually, I think it’s quite contrary to the truth—even many major colleges and education professionals will agree. In fact, once a student finishes nine months of SCSL, they are often ahead of their friends spiritually and emotionally. It’s due to the fact that they have taken the time to turn aside from life, process their past and prepare for the future. I also think it’s because they have spent intimate time with their Creator—the very one who fashioned and formed every day for them.

As you explore the possibility of SCSL, I pray that God will reveal to you His plans and dreams for your life—and that you will chase it with passion and purpose!


Pastor Darren Hileman