At SCSL we don’t just talk family—we live it out. SCSL is a place for you to experience a brotherhood and sisterhood like you have never experienced before. Our strong sense of family is the result of the director and staff’s heart and commitment to family. Family is not something you are born into; it is something you fight to create.

Student Life  

Student life events are where it is at in the SCSL world. We desire to give you an opportunity to form meaningful life long friendships. People plan for what is priority, and at SCSL we plan for student life events so we can create lasting memories.

Academic Focus

Throughout the course of nine months you will have upwards of 20 different pastors and marketplace professionals pouring into your life. We are fortunate to be on the receiving end of so much wisdom and knowledge. Our senior pastor and many of the pastoral staff will instruct classes and sow into the students lives. It is our desire that the ceiling of those who have gone before you will be your floor.

Part-Time Jobs

Every student has the option of working a part-time job while at SCSL. Time is scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and all day on Fridays and Saturdays to work. This will give you the chance to earn money for gas, food, and tuition. More than that, you have an opportunity to be a witness throughout the community as you live out the truths you are taught at SCSL.

Christian Life Church

The pastoral and church staff along with the Christian Life church family are absolutely incredible. They will be a wonderful support to you during your SCSL experience. Due to the incredible ministry and friendliness of Christian Life, we have had many parents of SCSL students comment on their desire to move to the Columbia area.

Ministry Diversity  

Although SCSL is not the infrastructure of any one ministry at Christian Life, students have an opportunity to choose from one of eighteen areas in which to serve. Some of the areas include children’s ministry, youth ministry, multimedia, choir, worship and childcare. You will find it a joy to participate in the exciting ministry of Christian Life. Students enrolled in the degree track will earn 3 credit hours of practicum credit per semester towards their degree program by participating in these ministry opportunities.

Apartment Life

Apartment life is vauluble in creating a culutre of family. Memories are made on a daily basis with other students from across the nation. Special apartment family nights are planned throughout the year, which give you an opportunity to relax and share heart with those you’ll grow closest to. It’s an incredible home away from home.