District School of Ministry Courses & Berean Bible College Internship

SCSL has partnered with the South Carolina District School of Ministry (DSOM) to help students who feel called into ministry gain their credentials. Optional classes taken through DSOM enables students to pursue their ministerial credentials through the Assemblies of God church. An internship is required for each level’s completion; this internship is taken through the Berean School of the Bible and is completed at each student’s own pace. A perspective of various aspects of theological and practical ministry issues is provided.

Global University

New for the 2014-15 school year, SCSL students interested in gaining college credits may enroll in Global University (GU).  Courses taken through GU are at the student’s discretion and are separate from SCSL with regards to tuition and grading.  GU’s Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology offers programs designed for ministers, ministerial students, and laypersons who desire in-depth study in the area of biblical education at a college degree level.

GU courses require disciplined independent study.  SCSL sets aside a two-hour block on Tuesday mornings for extra study time.  A laptop and access to WiFi may be needed to complete GU assignments.  Please see the GU website for the actual course dates and syllabi.  Students are expected to follow GU’s guidelines and standards. 

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies classes are designed to train students to apply Biblical principles to their daily lives. Through this discipleship-based curriculum, students are impacted as they apply the truths taught. These classes will be applicable to every season of students’ lives—regardless of their occupation or calling.

Scripture Studies

The goal of scripture study is to teach students how to research and memorize scriptures and their relevance to life. We desire students to develop convictions and a lifestyle in accordance to the Word of God. It goes far beyond mere memorization. Our heart is not to test intellect, but give students the opportunity to memorize the Word of God for personal transformation.

We require each student to memorize 100 scriptures (4 per week) and complete an extensive study on each in order to receive an SCSL Diploma. Time is given each morning for prayer and study of scripture. Scripture tests are given weekly.

Life Lessons

Life Lessons teach students key skills to live life successfully. These lessons are not only curriculum based, but also heart-driven as licensed ministers and market place professionals pour into students’ lives. The principles taught in life lessons will encompass the core values of SCSL.

Leadership Foundation

Leadership Foundation classes are designed to introduce the next generation of leaders to fundamental skills that help them in the marketplace and church ministry.  These classes teach the basics for becoming a leader in today's world.

Today’s Leader (2nd Year Class)

Today’s Leader is designed to mark the next generation of leaders by teaching relevant leadership skills, styles and principles. Lessons are structured to be applicable for both the marketplace and church ministry.

Ministry Pragmatics

Ministry Pragmatics is an introduction of the call and preparation needed for effective ministry to this generation. Classes will include an overview of contemporary trends, topics and philosophies useful in reaching today’s culture.

UpClose Mentoring

During UpClose mentoring sessions Pastor Stephen Chitty or one of his associate pastors shares from his years of wisdom and addresses topics relevant to life’s journey and ministry. It is the heart of Pastor Stephen to sow into the next generation in hopes that they learn from history and build upon the successes and failures of those who have gone before them. Through prepared lessons and open forum sessions students glean valuable insights, which will impact the course of their lives.