Reaching the World

Each year, SCSL students select a mission trip to participate in. Trips vary year to year and range from stateside to overseas. Trips are scheduled in the later half of the year and several options are made available to accommodate all financial situations. Students are required to raise the funds necessary for the trip they select to attend, including a $300.00 deposit toward their missions account, due upon arrival at SCSL. This is important to remember when considering the financial obligations of SCSL.

From the jungles of Ecuador to the streets of Los Angeles, SCSL has spent the past 11 years investing the Kingdom into the world abroad and stateside through our missions program. We have grown from one trip our first year to six trips per year today.  In 2017, SCSL teams travelled to New York, Tennessee, Atlanta, Ethiopia, Spain, and North Africa. Be in prayer for our students as they prepare to reach out to the world around them through missions in 2018.

The purpose of these annual mission trips is to expose students to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs around the world. God commands us to carry His truth into the entire world. Through this hands-on experience, students are challenged to always play a role in missions. Some students may feel God’s calling onto the mission field, some will pursue short-term missions, and still others will from home support those in the field.