Have you ever wanted to be a part of a brotherhood that would inspire you to become more like Christ and walk in Biblical manhood? If so, then you would love being a part of Cymbrogi (brothers of the heart). As a part of Cymbrogi you will be surrounded by brothers who have committed to be men of integrity, responsibility, and accountability—men who desire to emulate the pattern of manhood lived out by Jesus.

As the director of SCSL, Pastor Darren has a heart to mentor the next generation of young men to play their rightful role in the home and community. Pastor Darren desires to coach young men to be spiritual leaders and humble servants of the Lord. Darren along with the men on his staff strive to model Godly priorities and set a pattern of Biblical manhood for each young man to follow. 

During Cymbrogi meetings, you are given the opportunity to share your journey and discuss how to set aside childish ways and embrace new ways of thinking and living as a man of God. It is a time of freedom, discovery, and liberty as Biblical principles and truths are discussed and applied. As a part of Cymbrogi, you are guaranteed to experience life change.