Establish Your Identity in Christ
Our generation is constantly seeking to find their identity through positions, possessions, and people. It’s only when we discover that we are complete in Christ that we will experience true freedom and liberty. During the first year of SCSL, you will be given an opportunity to establish your identity in Christ by being taught biblical principles, truths and disciplines that can lead to a lasting relationship with God.

Process Your Past
We are products of our past but, that does not mean we have to be prisoners of it. SCSL will teach you how to process the past and lay a solid foundation upon which you can build a solid God focused future. God desires for you to use past experiences, both good and bad, for His glory in the present.

Develop the Character of Christ
It was once said, “We set young leaders up for a fall if we encourage them to envision what they can do, before they consider what kind of person they should be.” If your character doesn’t back the call of God upon your life, you may eventually fall. SCSL provides a loving, transparent environment in which you can develop the character of Christ for your own good and for God’s glory.

Learn Life and Leadership Skills
Regardless of your vocational desires, whether within the secular market or church, at SCSL you will receive foundational leadership and life training from over 15 marketplace professionals and Pastors. Each lesson is designed to help you succeed personally and professionally by teaching you practical skills that can be applied in the home, church, and marketplace.

Develop a Vision for Biblical Manhood or Womanhood
What does it mean to be a godly man or woman in today’s society? What are the true marks and characteristics of a man or woman? SCSL will provide answers to these questions. For nine months you will journey together with other brothers or sisters from across the nation to understand what it is to be true men and women of God.