Tuition Breakdown

$3,650 tuition
$3,050 housing
+ $650 events
$7,350 Total SCSL Tuition**

** The tuition cost above reflects the estimated costs for the 2016-17 school year. Tuition total is $7,350 for students choosing to take only SCSL classes and does not include the District School of Ministry/Berean Bible College or Global University courses.  This is subject to change pending any tuition increases.


Payment Process

a. $25.00 Application Fee due upon receipt of application (not included in tuition)
    Note: Application will not be processed until fee is received.

b. $500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit to reserve spot; due upon acceptance.

c. $1,000.00 Enrollment Fee for academic fees, books, materials, and housing; due upon arrival.

    DSOM/Berean Bible College or Global University Fees vary and are dependent on what each student  wants to do.  The District School of Minisry (DSOM) courses allow students to pursue their Assembly of God Credentials (Levels I or II).  Global University (GU) classes allow students to  gain college credits while at SCSL.  Some GU courses also help students qualify for Assembly of God credentials.  Depending upon the path a student selects, the classes can range in price from $99-131 per course, not including curriculum.  DSOM and GU have different payment options which are selected when students register for their classes.  SCSL's Academic Director will assist students with this process during Orientation Week.  NOTE:  The DSOM/Berean and GU fees are not included in SCSL's tuition or payment breakdowns listed below

$300.00 Mission Deposit toward student's mission account (not included in tuition); due upon arrival.

d. Remaining Tuition—pick one of the following payment plans:

    1. FULL Payment:
      Number of Payments:  one (1)
      Payment amount:  $5,850.00
      Processing Fees:  (none)
      Payment Due Date:  upon arrival
      Remaining Tuition Total:  $6,850.00 (this includes the $1,000 enrollment fee)
    2. TRIMESTER Payments:
      Number of Payments:  three (3)
      Payment amount:  $1,975.00
      Processing Fees:  $25.00 per payment
      Payment Due Dates:  Sept.15, Dec.15, and March 15
      Remaining Tuition Total:  $6,925.00 (this includes the $1,000 enrollment fee)
    3. MONTHLY Payments:
      Number of Payments:  eight (8)
      Payment amount:  $756.25
      Processing Fees:  $25.00 per payment
      Payment Due Dates:  15 of each month (Sept.—April)
      Remaining Tuition Total:  $7,050.00 (this includes the $1,000 enrollment fee)


Additional Expenses

Every student is required to go on at least one mission trip during the school year. This is not an inclusive cost with tuition, and every student will have to raise his/her funds for the trip. To help assist in meeting the payment schedule for missions trips, each student is required to pay a $300.00 deposit for their trip upon arrival at SCSL. Opportunities to raise funds are provided by SCSL’s fundraising efforts, however students may need to seek additional funds.

Food and living expenses are not included in the cost of tuition; each student is responsible for their own means of living. SCSL offers several scheduled times throughout the week for every student to work a part-time job to assist in living expenses.

SCSL students are strongly encouraged to have a car during the program. Students with vehicles are not obligated to provide transportation for students without vehicles. However, if transportation is provided, students receiving transportation are to be respectful by contributing adequate funds toward gas expenses.


Loans & Scholarships

Because SCSL is not a full-time accredited educational institution such as most colleges or universities, many student loans cannot be applied toward tuition. However, some students have found it successful to pursue unsecured personal loans and direct-to-student loans through private means. Banks often require the borrower to have an account with the lending institution; applying through your current bank may be most successful. Students without an established credit history will likely be required to provide a cosigner. In the past, some students have been able to obtain loans that result in a monthly cost of as little as $150; utilizing part time jobs, support letters, and other means of fundraising may additionally reduce the cost per month when using a loan to pay for your tuition.

SCSL will accept any scholarship that a student obtains which can be awarded and applied toward a non-accredited school. Because SCSL is not a full-time educational institution, many scholarships are not applicable. Private scholarships and donations are also accepted from individuals seeking to sponsor students.