Who can become a part of the SCSL family?

Any student who desires to lay a solid Biblical Worldview foundation that will help them succeed at home, in the church, and in the marketplace should attend SCSL.  First year students are equipped for life, second year students are equipped for leadership, and third year students are equipped for vocational ministry (Youth, Children’s, Worship, and Missions). 

What are the prerequisites before joining the family?

• Students must have graduated from high school or obtained their GED; most of our students range in age from 18 to 25.

• Students must desire to establish their identities in Christ, process their pasts, develop Godly character, learn life and leadership skills, acquire a vision for man/womanhood, and lay a solid Biblical Worldview for their lives.

• Students must desire to engage in a culture that focuses on walking in honor and integrity and being people who are passionate for God, humble, and servant-hearted.

• Students must have a financial plan and the means to pay for their tuition.

What can I expect during a typical week at SCSL?

Every day begins with morning prayer. Different classes ranging from Scripture Studies, Christian Life & Ministry, Biblical Studies, Life Lessons, and UpClose mentoring are held throughout the week. Optional courses, such as SC District School of Ministry (DSOM) and Global University (GU) are also available. Other weekly events such as student-led devotions, AC families, community outreach, Cymbrogi discipleship, church ministry, student life, & even optional part-time jobs also make up the SCSL schedule.

What are some of the academic courses available at SCSL?

SCSL offers a curriculum that is aimed at equipping our students to further understand and practically engage in  life through a biblical worldview.

In Biblical Studies courses, students gain the knowledge of the practical application of biblical truths. So, whether a career in vocational ministry or the secular marketplace is their ultimate goal, students are taught how to fully walk out their Christianity. Classes include: Conflict Resolution, Relational Integrity, and Forming Biblical Convictions.

Through Christian Life & Ministry 101, students gain an intimate knowledge of their faith through experienced ministers and pastors. Students are grafted into the wealth of theological doctrine to set a strong foundation for their Christian belief. Classes include: Church History, Systematic Theology, and Old & New Testament Survey.

Life Lesson courses are all about the skills required for entering into adulthood. Where in a traditional college students are left on their own to figure out important life skills, our students are guided by skilled professionals in order to excel. Classes include: Public Speaking, Time Management, and Budgeting

Insights Groups are in depth study groups on topical subjects. Each group focuses on a book or sermon series and dives in through discussions. Classes include: Co-Dependency, Addictions, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day, Captivated and Wild at Heart.

Cymbrogi (Biblical Man/Womanhood)

• Acquiring a Vision for Life

• The measure of a Man/Woman

• Overcoming the Father Wound/Overly Bonded Mother

What ministry opportunities can SCSL offer?

Students will have the opportunity to work with several ministries including youth, children, worship, special needs, missions, school campus ministry, media/audio experience, and more through weekly community outreaches and ministry teams.

How much does SCSL cost?

$3650 tuition

$3500  housing

+   $650 events

  $7350   Total Cost*

* There are additional costs associated with college credits and credentialing.  Please see DSOM or GU Fact Sheets for more information on specific cost breakdowns. 

Every student is required to attend one mission trip during the school year; this cost is not included in tuition.  A $300 missions deposit is due upon arrival at SCSL.

Can I use a loan to pay for my tuition?

Because SCSL is not an independent full-time educational institution, many student loans may not be applicable toward your tuition.  However, some have found unsecured personal loans and direct-to-student loans to be successful. 

Will the credits I earn at SCSL transfer to college?

Students who desire to earn transferable college credits while attending SCSL have the option of taking courses through Global University which is regionally accredited.

Students who desire to attain their ministerial credentials may take courses offered through SC District School of Ministry.  Students have the opportunity to become certified within one year and are able to become licensed for full-time vocational ministry within two years. 

Can students work while attending SCSL?

Students have the opportunity to work a part-time job(20-30 hrs) while attending SCSL.  Work schedules may vary, though, due to ministry trips and other SCSL responsibilities.  Employers must understand the priority of the students’ commitment to SCSL.  Students regularly work on Monday and Thursday afternoons, Fridays, Saturdays, and even Sunday afternoons if necessary.

Is there a deadline for applying to SCSL?

There is no deadline! Applications are accepted for the upcoming year until enrollment is full.  Acceptance is based on a first come first serve basis as there is limited space each year.  A $500 deposit is due upon acceptance to secure your spot. A $1000 enrollment fee, a $300 missions deposit, and an optional academic fee (SC DSOM or GU) will be due upon arrival at SCSL.

How do I apply to SCSL?

Students can submit an online application at www.scsl.com, mail a  printed application to SCSL Admissions, 2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC, 29210, or fax it to 803-798-0244.  You can call 803-798-4488 for additional assistance (M-Th, 9-5).

A $25 application fee, pastoral reference, essay, and photo must accompany all completed applications.

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