frequently asked questions

Is South Carolina School of Leadership only for those going into full-time ministry?

No! The first nine months of SCSL are for every high school graduate interested in laying a solid spiritual foundation to benefit their future both personally and professionally. Students interested in pursuing a college education will have the chance to earn 12 college credits per year at SCSL.

Who can become a part of the SCSL family?

• Any student who has graduated from high school or obtained his or her GED; most of our students range in age from 18 to 25. 
• Any student who has a desire to be trained and equipped for life and ministry. There must be a willingness to be changed to the core of your being! 
• Those who have a financial plan for paying their tuition in full by the last available payment date. 

What does a typical SCSL week consist of?

Every day begins with morning prayer, and different courses ranging from Scripture Study, Valley Forge Christian College, Biblical Studies, Life Lessons, and UpClose mentoring are held throughout the week. Other weekly events such as student-led devotions, AC families, community outreach, Cymbrogi discipleship, church ministry, student life, & even optional part-time jobs also make up the SCSL schedule.

See our weekly schedule profile for more information.

What ministry opportunities can SCSL offer?

All students will have the opportunity to work with several ministries including youth, children, worship, special needs, crisis pregnancy, stateside missions, overseas missions, school campus ministry, social services ministry, and more through weekly community outreaches and ministry teams.

When will the SCSL year begin and end?

Registration — August 23, 2014
Graduation — May 17, 2015

How much does SCSL cost?

$3,600 tuition
$2,800 housing
$1,535 credit fee (optional) 
+ $600 events
$8,635 Total Tuition

Payment plans are offered in one-time full, trimester, or monthly payments.

A $1,535 VFCC Credit Fee is collected for students wishing to receive college credit while at SCSL. This fee and the associated college credits are optional and may be waived.  The VFCC is Credit Fee is subject to change based upon VFCC's tuition scale.

Every student is required to attend one mission trip during the school year; this cost is not included in tuition.
A $300 missions deposit is due upon arrival at SCSL.

See our financial profile for more details.

Can I use a loan to pay for my tuition?

Because SCSL is not a full-time educational institution, many student loans may not be applicable toward your tuition. However, some have found unsecured personal loans and direct-to-student loans to be successful. Students should carefully consider the costs of attending SCSL and plan their finances accordingly. 

Will the credits I earn at SCSL transfer to college?

The college or university receiving your transcript will decide how your credits will transfer. Students who opt to pay the $1535 Valley Forge Credit Fee will graduate SCSL with 12 accredited hours. Most Christian schools will accept credits “as is,” and many secular schools will accept them as electives. Students who waive their credit fee will still be required to participate in all courses at SCSL, but will not graduate with transferrable credits.

Will students be able to work while at SCSL?

Students have the opportunity to work a part-time job on Monday and Thursday afternoons, and Fridays. Work schedules may vary, though, due to ministry trips and other SCSL responsibilities. Employers must understand the priority of your commitment to SCSL. 

Is there a deadline for applying to SCSL?

No! We will accept applications for the upcoming year all the way up to the starting date. However, acceptance is based on a first come first serve basis, as there is a limited number of spaces available to accept students. A $500 deposit is due upon acceptance to secure your spot, and a $1000 enrollment fee, $1535 college credit fee, and $300 missions deposit will be due upon arrival at SCSL.

How do I apply to SCSL?

Students can submit an online application at; print and mail your application to SCSL Admissions, 2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC, 29210; or fax it to 803-798-0244. You may also call 803-798-4488 for additional assistance (M-Th, 9-5), or email

Note: A $25 application fee, pastoral reference, essay, and photo must accompany all completed applications before they will be processed.

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