experience weekends 2015

Winter Experience:  January 30-February 1

Spring Experience:  April 17-19

so you've heard... now come see!

At SCSL we get excited every year about Experience Weekend, our annual event to share the experience of the family with prospective students interested in attending SCSL.  For 2015, we have added a second Experience Weekend.  Now, you get to choose when you want to come,

Whether you come to the Winter Experience or the Spring Experience, you will discover PD's heart for the family as you attend classes and meet our students and staff. You’ll be hosted over a 3-day weekend crammed full of all of the exciting aspects of SCSL you’ll never be able to appreciate until you experience it. Whether it’s our top-of-the-line academic lineup, intimate Cymbrogi discipleship, unique AC Families, heartfelt worship, luxury apartment living, or the unprecedented spirit of family that is a hallmark of SCSL… you’ll experience it once and never forget it!

SCSL is hosting the  Winter Experience Weekend in Columbia, SC on Friday, January 30 – Sunday, February 1. and our Spring Experience Weekend will be on Friday, April 17 - Sunday, April 19, 2015.  Registration and $50 payment are due no later than January 23, 2015 for our Winter Experience Weekend and April 10, 2015 for our Spring Experience Weekend.   Spaces are allotted to those who have paid their registration fee! Please note that late registration (after January 23 or after April 10) will cost $75.  Sign up now because space is limited.  We also ask that parents and pastors also register so that we can plan for your registration and meals.




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Check back! Registration will be opening soon!