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We're Winding Down


Experience is such an exciting time for all of us! We get a chance to pour out to others, what has been poured into us throughout the year. We prayed and fasted for the people coming in for the weekend. We were excited  to love them all into the family! We didn't just have an expectancy for them to experience SCSL but we also had the expectancy for them to experience the prescence of the Father. On the last day of the weekend we have an Encounter service, which is a great time of worship and PD bringing the Word. The Lord so showed up that night as our generations lives were touched heavily. Yes, some decided to apply to SCSL but those weren't the best victories of the weekend. The best victories were the girls and guys who were set free from addictions, homosexuality, depression, porn addictions, bulimia, and those who found peace and, for the first time, felt the true and genuine touch of the Fathers love. That is what is truly worth rejoicing in. We got to bond together as a family by coming together and fighting for the youth of our generation!

Missions Trips

Speaking on behalf of our class, I think its safe to say that missions trips were SO beyond what any of us expected. From Germany, Africa,and Ecuador, to North Carolina, New Orleans, and Arizona the stories were undeniable that the Lord really showed up in a great way on these trips. Going into any missions trip is always a weird experience, you never really know what to expect. All you can do is pray that the Lord uses you in loving the people that your ministering to, and that He deffinately did. Like the stories from Ecuador about our students being able to love on the kids there by just playing soccer and painting the little girls nails. Something so small, but that made such a difference in those lives. Emotion is something that they see a lot of there, so for those kids to see people that loved on them no matter what they looked like, no matter how dirty they were, spoke so much of the Father's love for them. Or the story of our students in Africa  who hiked two miles in the mountains, to a village where they got to minister to a woman who was unable to have a child. She has already accepted this fact as part of her life, no hope. Our students got to pray healing over her as well as a restoration of hope, and they are in belief that she is completely healed!! Even though we were being sent out to tell others of the hope and the love that we know, we were reminded by the people of God's goodness as well. We went in expecting, and came out of our trips overflowing with fresh revelations and stories of God's glory and His love and faithfulness to His people. Whether we were roughing it in the mountains, hiking in the mud of the jungle, speaking truth in the midst of some very spiritually dark places, or breaking the chains of religion over people far older and wiser than we, we left our trips with no question in our mind that that Lord moved in a mighty way. It may have been a week or two trip for us, but it wasn't temporary change. The Lord moved in each one of us and in the lives that we were able to touch through God's grace in a way that will out live way longer than a week trip. Thank you for covering us in your prayers and by your donations that gave us the opportunity to go out and share God's love with the people all over the world!!! Be blessed!

- Jenna Jordan


Scooter- Arizona

The favorite part of my missions trip was seeing the hearts of the Navajo people. It was hard seeing the brokeness and chains of depression. But it was cool seeing their genuine love for people.

TR - Germany

I came back from Germany with a deeper respect for missionaries.  I learned that the culture is definitely different there but our relationship with them and with The Lord is what brings people together.

Kendall - Africa

The Lord broke my heart for people that have ever heard the gospel.  I realized how much people need Jesus and how empty our lives are without The Lord.  God opened my eyes to the oppression Islam has on people's lives and that the people there don't have anything to hope for.