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South Florida

about this tour

The South Florida missions team will be serving several churches in the West Palm Beach and Boca Raton area.  We will also be teaming up with the Miami Dream Center and assisting them with their inner city outreaches.  Some of our involvement will include homeless ministry as well as reaching out to victims of sex traficking.


February 15-21

the team

(top row L-->R)  Daniel Bain, TR D'Amato, PD Hileman, Celina Theophilus, Schadrack Jean-Francois

(middle rown L-->R)  Stephon Sherrod, Livingston Ngong, Corey Reagin, Kenny Randleman, James Sackett

(bottom row L-->R)  Kayla Yeager, Sam, Segura, Danielly Goncalves, Jessica Gomez


ministry updates

the trip is complete

day 4

Continued our mission today with #LoveWeek in helping out Coastal Chapel. Got down and dirty today. Literally. the team did landscaping today for a "safe house" which is basically like a Christian foster home. Painting, mulching, pressure washing and hedging had us beat by around 2 o'clock but man did that yard look great. After lunch we headed down to Miami safely:) and hook up with 2RC, a youth group pastored by SCSL  alumni Taylor Boswell! The worship team got the pleasure to usher in Gods presence and we got to love on some kids:). PD got to spit truth about godly relationships also. After dinner we headed to the Miami dream center to crash for the night. So excited for what The Lord is doing in south Florida. So blessed to be a part if it!!!:

day 3

South Florida crew still going strong. Today we met up with Pastor Dan, the young adults pastor of Trinity church and got to help with an out reach they have been working on in the community. Ever wondered how many hours it takes to paint 4 dug outs? 5 hours with 17 people. That's a lot of paint! But we had a blast doing it. After a phenomenal lunch cooked by Danielly's family, we attended Trinity's young adults youth service where PD laid some biblical truths down on Godly relationships and relational integrity. In addition, our team got to lead worship!God really did a work tonight in that service and the hearts of our generation through PDs message. Couldn't ask for a better way to end the evening than an alter call that I know was a turning point in some peoples lives. We are so blessed to be a part if what God is doing. Praying for safe travels to Miami tomorrow. God bless!

day 2

Another productive day in south Florida. We continued our mission in helping Coastal Chapel with #LoveWeek. We were so excited to partner up with Florence Fuller Thrift Shop, an organization that reaches out to 700 lower income families in the area. Pastor Darren and Pastor Ron got to touch the journey of the owner a little bit and hear her heart behind the store while the rest of the team hooked up the inside with some organization and cleaning projects. Please continue praying for us and for the hearts in Boca Raton. We have one more day to make a physical impact and plant seeds. #FloridaSakeOfTheWorld

day 1

Got connected with Pastor Ron Jones today and it was all hands on deck for the set up and tear down for the morning service of Coastal Chapel, a very relational and Christ centered church plant in Boca Raton. A couple of the members got the opportunity to lead worship  and rock the house for the morning service at Olympic Heights  high school. Afterwards the team split up and the guys met up with some leaders of the church to stuff 500+ bags for kids for tomorrow's community outreach in honor of Coastal's #LoveWeek. The ladies got the pleasure of spreading some love to our very own Danielly's  home church at their nightly service. God is so sovereign in the relationships he has already aligned for us so far. We are so excited to journey the rest of the week showing the greatest commandments, loving God and loving people. Please continue praying for us! #FloridaSakeOfTheWorld