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February 14-20

February 15th 
The Nashville team has arrived safe and sound. After being covered in prayer by our director PD,  We hit the road around 9 am this morning. We stopped for a great Mexican lunch around 1pm, and finished the rest of the way to end up in Nashville at 5pm. The ride was smooth and full of laughter. After settling in, we were able to meet the amazing leads of the organization we'll be working with and have a tour around the campus. As we entered the campus there was a sense of unity and expectancy that came upon all of us. One of the leads went out to dinner with us and took us to a great Thai restaurant, which you can bet the team enjoyed. We ended our first day with a great time of fellowship and worship as We sang songs unto the lord, edified one another and closed the night with a higher level of expectancy. We can't wait for tomorrow! Please be praying for us as our first day of hands on ministry is upon us.

Nashville team 2016
February 16th
The Nashville team has had an amazing time the past two days serving the many ministries within the city! Tuesday morning we got to serve with fishes and loaves, which is an incredible food kitchen. We were able to serve a great lunch for those in need within the community . Most of the people we got to love on were apart of the urban community and many were also veterans. Afterwards our host Alex (with CSM) took us on a prayer tour in our van. It was a very eye opening time for our team, as we got to hear stories, learn history, and also walk on the streets of Nashville. We were blessed to end our day with an incredible dinner at and Indian restaurant, where we laughed hysterically!
Our day Wednesday was by far a day that marked us all. It was a busy and emotional day that started with helping a ministry called the food project with prepping food to serve. Afterwards we went to a halfway house in downtown Nashville and got to hear stories of former drug addicts that are now hoping to build a life. It was very touching and moving to hear and see the redemption of Christ in their lives! We have a God who is mighty to save. For dinner we were able to eat the food we helped prep this morning with the ministry it was served to. It was a humbling experience for us as we got to sit and dine with them on the other side of the kitchen.
We've ended our nights with times of reflection, praise and prayer. The lord is doing a mighty work! And he loves Nashville.

February 18th

The testimonies of what God has done today are many. It was yet another day of supernatural significance in Nashville for the scsl team.
For our first site this morning we visited some senior citizens and had an amazing time with them. As we found many to be disabled, we were moved to help them through something as simple as bingo. After a few rounds of games, we got to serve them lunch as some of our team sang some of their favorite hymns. As a team, the common theme of perspective was to remember our lives are nothing but a vapor. And though this can be a heavy thought, the joy of the Lord balanced it all for us, as we remembered that we are called to live a life of abundance that is found in laying our lives down. We remembered that love is all that really matters, and we sought the concept of eternity for the glory of the Lord.
For our second site we got to visit an organization called Room in the Inn located in downtown Nashville. They offer so many different things for the homeless such as: housing, foot washes, healthcare, 3 meals 5 days a week, a music and art room to express their  talents and gifting, and several classes that range in subject.
We found the place to take our breath  away and we found it to be anointed. It was obvious that God had done a good work through them, and that he had blessed them tremendously. We were able to help them by organizing the many many donations given by the Nashville community. Seeing how they gave so freely for the sake of their neighbors, gave a testament of Jesus's kindness yet once again. Our team was truly blown away to find something and see something that could be labeled as too good to be true in all honesty. We have been marked and hope reigns for the homeless!
Nashville team