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about this tour

Hello Friends and Family,

We are super excited about our Missions Trip to Ireland. We can't wait to see what The Lord is going to do in the hearts of the people there. During this trip our team will be treasure hunting, encouraging the students of The University of Dublin, street worship, and prayer walking! We are believing that The Lord will change the atmosphere! Our team will also be plugged into a local church in Dublin where we will be ministering in the service, worship, and the childrens ministries. Please continue to cover our team in prayers we are believing The Lord to show up and move!

Love you all!


February 14-21

the team

(top row L-->R)  Michael Hill, Kati Maricle, Rain Soles, Brenda Dukes, Thunder Shahan

(middle row L-->R)  Daniel Forsythe, Haley Hoskins, Bryan Miller, Andy Bain, Domonic Jones, Ashlyn McGinnis

(bottom row L-->R)  Amber Brazell, Erin Pender, Carrie Elisabeth Trent, Ian Kruse, Jacob Davis, Jodi Fisher

ministry updates

day 6

Hey there family! Today we visited Glendalough and Kilkenny during our down time. Spacious valleys and giant hills filled the horizon. The group walked around the Upper Lake, admiring God's handiwork. We then hobbled back on to The Paddywagon, a tour bus driven by a humble Irishman. We then headed up and down the hills once used in the film Braveheart. We finally ended up in Kilkenny, a city that has undergone much war. Kilkenny Castle was at the center of this mess and switched hands several times throughout the 18th century. At the end, we rode back to Jacob's Inn, hoping to get some shut eye. Some of the team had some neat ministry opportunities during the day and the Gospel was spread. Pray that we are prepared for tomorrow and that people would be saved. - Jacob Davis

day 5

Hello everyone! I’m updating from here in the lobby of Jacobs Inn here in Dublin, Ireland. It’s really interesting to say the least. There are so many people from so many countries. Everyone is really friendly though! So that’s a plus! Today was not only a stretching day; it was very exciting at the same time! We opened the day with prayer in our little meeting room that the Jacobs hotel has on the first floor. It has three dilapidated couches and a pool table that shrunk a little from the dryer. Its cozy and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We had corporate prayer then we shipped off to the bus stop. Yes, I said bus stop. We were given a five-day bus pass that has been taking us to all the “farther” places we need to go. Like Dún Laoghaire! As a team, we walk about a mile (approximately) to the bus stop and we take the 46A bus to Dún Laoghaire or take the 39A to go UCD. Fast forward to the time when we get to castle Dublin: Daniel Forsythe and I break out the guitars and start the worship. This is what I was talking about earlier: stretching. I’m not nervous about the music aspect of it all, just the way people might respond to it. My train of thought in that moment was “ what if people don’t like it?”. Then the next thought popped into my head: “who cares?! I get to play music and worship Jesus in Dublin! How cool! I hope people stop and listen and ask questions. The more the merrier!” We starting playing and sooner than later, we amassed a crowd of people just listening in. The team was worshipping and in prayer so that made people stop even more. Fast-forward another couple of hours: we went to Dún Laoghaire and played more music and did more treasure hunting! We actually opened up the guitar case, and people dropped money in it (€9.89 to be exact). We didn’t get the chance to do it tonight, but we are giving it to the first homeless person we see tomorrow. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of the others on the worship team when I say: today was amazing. We are praying that seeds were planted and that this Friday; we get to plant some more. With a lot of love from Dublin: -Bryan Miller

day 4

We visited UCD again today to serve coffee/tea and treasure hunt (when you make a list prior to going out and ask God to give you hints as to who you should talk to). The purpose of both was to share words of encouragement to those we met and just let them know how much Daddy God loves them. It was a pretty good day for everyone and we were blessed to talk to several different Irish mates. The Lord highlighted Raquel to Rain and I, she is studying business here at Dublin and is from Madrid Spain. She mentioned she was missing home so we just encouraged her and invited her to the event with living stones ministry on Friday evening. It was really cool to see her countenance change as we talked to her about her family and what she likes to do. Here are a few more testimonies from today - Amber Brazzel - "Today was the best day yet! Sinead, a woman I met yesterday, has been such a blessing to me. I was fortunate enough to spend lots of time getting to know her and minister to her with a prophetic drawing I made three days ago. I know The Lord placed her in my life for a reason and I will be forever grateful for this encounter." Ian Kruse - "This was my first time treasure hunting, and it definitely wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done. We did it for two days and neither one was incredibly successful when it came to talking to people. However, The Lord taught me quite a bit about stepping out in faith and being vocal. I was written off by most of the people that I approached, but on the second day one of the treasures that I finally found ended up being someone from our own group which was really unexpected." Erin Pender - "Today was very stretching for me, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. Talking to people has always come easy for me, but presenting the gospel to strangers is a different story. I ended up praying for healing for a guy's foot, reminding a student of God's unconditional love, and witnessing someone receive their first prayer. My experience today ministering to the college students strengthened my faith a great deal and reminded me that all a person needs to brighten his or her day is a word of encouragement." The Lord is moving! Please continue to pray for Jacob as his luggage didn't arrive today. Also if you could remember Rain - as she has been sick since we left on Friday. Much love to our families back home - Carrie Elisabeth

day 3- 2/17/14 11:01 p.m.

The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few - I've pondered this for awhile after being on the campus of University College of Dublin today. When someone talks about mission trips, I always think of a poverty stricken village or doing strenuous labor. The Lord has definitely changed my mindset on this - the Irish may not live in small huts and walk barefoot, but the need for their hearts to know Jesus and begin to know of his healing love is great. They haven't grasped the concept that He died specifically for each and everyone one of them, that he took their sin and shame, and He covered them by His blood. Often times it's something Christians in the states take for granted. Here it is on the verge of extinction. So we may not be trekking the jungle to some deep dark village rather we are journeying to the depths of peoples souls. Once I changed my mindset - it wasn't like: "all we did today was encourage people and tell them Jesus loves them" but it became: "we got to show someone the love of Jesus even if only for a few minutes. But you never know how The Lord will use that to sow a seed into a persons heart". We are being stretched in a whole new way as the culture is very different. One can't just go up and ask to pray for whomever, you have to ask more subtle questions and typically just share words of encouragement with one instead. Please pray that we will be willing vessels even if it may be uncomfortable. That hearts here in Ireland will begin to shift, and that Jesus's love will shine through us. One last thing before I sign off, Jacob's luggage wasn't at the airport when we arrived in Ireland. His attitude through it all has been phenomenal and he hasn't complained once. We really need people to intercede on behalf of our brother so he can get his clothes. Much love to our mates back home - Carrie Elisabeth

day 2 

I love seeing the openness of the Irish people. They love to engage in conversation and really want to learn about us and what we love about their beautiful country. We had the opportunity to serve Cornerstone church this morning; Bryan and Kati led worship along with Ian, Daniel, Erin, and Dom. Bryan invited everyone to just really open their hearts to Daddy God: it was evident that His presence was in the room. A few of us got to help with the kid service while Mrs. Brenda preached in big church. The title of her sermon was "When grace and courage collide - taking the risk to follow Jesus". She encouraged people to really step out of their comfort zones and taking risks to spread the love of God. The church had a potluck dinner. One of our brothers noticed that there wasn't a lot of meat - not a single tray of fried chicken but rather veggies and rice were more of the main courses. The food here is very fresh and tastes amazing!! The main coffee chain over here is called "Insomnia" (which is very fitting). We enjoyed coffee/tea and then our team spilt up. A group went back to the hostel while the other went exploring around a lighthouse. The sun was beginning to set and the scenery was more stunning than any painting or picture we've ever seen of Ireland. Once our team was reunited, we debriefed and had a time of worship. Following suit we had the pleasure of eating at Celtic Nights. The Irish band "Puca" played while we ate and we got to see river dancing. Which looked similar to some sort of tap dancing It was insane how fast they moved their feet. The Lord has definitely blessed our day here. Continue to pray that the darkness begins to disappear as the light of Christ's love begins to show through us and the missionaries here. Sending hugs to all the momma and daddy's reading this. Rain is taking good care of your babies. Much love to the USA Carrie Elisabeth

day 1 - 2/15/22 9:18 p.m.

Cheers from the other side!! After arriving here in Dublin around 9 am this morning, Kyle and John met us at the airport and took us to the hostel we are staying in. They kept us pretty busy so our bodies could adjust to the 5 hour time difference. When our team got settled in our rooms we came to the lobby and immediately some of our brothers began ministering to guys (who had a little much to drink) in the lobby. It was cool to see them show the Fathers love and not just blow them off because of their behavior. Afterward we left the hostel and walked around Dublin and enjoyed eating at a traditional Irish place that a previous SCSL mission team ate at 6 years ago. God’s hand has definitely been over us even in the small details, there was a 100% chance of rain today and while we were eating lunch it started to drizzle but only lasted for about 5 minutes. One of the highlights of our day was going to the Dublin Castle and spending about 2 hours there interceding for the precious souls of Ireland. It is so humbling to see how blessed we are to have open hearts and minds for the love of Daddy God. Please continue to pray for the people of Ireland; that their hearts and minds would be open to receiving Christ’s love, that there would be a shift in the atmosphere, and we will be sensitive to the Lord’s voice. Much love from our team in Ireland.

The team has arrived safely! Waiting for first ministry update.