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When looking for a post-high school options, or looking at taking a gap year, remember that not all programs, whether Christian or secular, are created equal. 

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SCSL's program takes you on a path from establishing your identity in Christ, to ministry preparation. Learn to process your past, learn leadership skills and much more.

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South Carolina School of Leadership's program is home to a world-class staff. Leaders with over 25 years of experience who will help you along your journey.

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At SCSL we strive to build upon the Biblical foundation laid by parents and pastors. It is our privilege to join students in their journey to establish a solid Biblical worldview upon which they can build their life. Our goal is to equip and train our students for a life of ministry in the home, church and community.

The first year program of SCSL will equip students for life personally and professionally. For those accepted into the second year program, our focus is turned toward leadership development and local church ministry training. Upon completion of the second year, students may become licensed and credentialed through the Assemblies of God.

SCSL has a strong academic focus. Please refer to the academic section of our website for a list of classes.  These courses are taught by the Pastoral staff of Christian Life, some of whom have their doctorate. They will receive both classroom training and hands on experience—the combination of which gives students invaluable experience for local church ministry.

At SCSL, we believe continuing education can play a key element in a student’s success in life. Unfortunately, our academics and talent can often take us where our character can’t hold us. We are committed to build and strengthen students both in academics and in character. One of our former students' parent said, “[SCSL] teaches students everything that college doesn’t.” It has been encouraging to see the life change students experience and to hear the testimonies of parents as a result of the SCSL program.


Pastor Darren Hileman


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February 3-4, 2017 

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February 17-18, 2017

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March 24-26, 2017 

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October 20-22, 2017